Medical Marijuana: Is it dope or just a weed?

Medical marijuana, or cannabis, is a hotly debated topic. Maybe you’ve seen the videos of small children with unrelenting seizures suddenly cured by medical cannabis; or you’ve heard the term “gateway drug” as someone describes an addict who can no longer function. But many of us (including me until about 72 hours ago) don’t really [...]

Organ Donation: consider a change of heart

We’ve all been asked whether we want to be an organ donor at the DMV, but very few people know what that entails. Organ donation is the practice of giving your organs to someone else who’s organs are failing. Over 33,000 lives were changed by an organ transplant last year alone. While this usually happens [...]

Patient Rights: you gotta fight for your right to be healthy

You know when you’re at a new doctor’s office, and they hand you a stack of papers just big enough to keep you preoccupied during your wait? No, they didn’t print out the iTunes agreement. Some of those include privacy documents and a patient bill of rights. You have legally protected rights as a patient, [...]

Affordable Care Act: Thanks, Obama

In 2010, the ACA was passed to increase healthcare coverage, but it has had a mixed response on both sides. Congress’ song of the summer seems to be “Repeal and Replace”. A lot of people have a lot of opinions about the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare, but how many of us actually know what [...]

Online Medical Sources: is my headache from brain cancer???

Have you ever Googled a symptom you’re having? Don’t lie… the answer is probably yes. Because over half of Americans have gone to the internet for medical information (Pew Center 2011). That’s not a bad thing- I applaud you for trying to educate yourself and become involved. The problem is, unlike healthcare providers, there’s no [...]